Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fast Charles' Power Hour - Episode 4

Alright everyone.
This is an intimate episode, recorded with an actual external mic, so it doesn't sound like I'm transmitting from a submarine.
We've got songs for everyone who loves living free and hard (Buck Owens, Bob Wayne, Hank/Hank, Waylon, Warren, John Dillon, Raconteurs, Johnny Paycheck, The Maddox Brothers and their Sister, Rattler and others that I can't seem to remember suddenly).

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Wiley said...

yes! on my ipod!

Wiley said...

a few things:

a) regarding explosive synergy, listening to your p-cast has been making me want to do one so bad! i'm seriously considering it. i feel like that might be a nice thing to do this summer.

b) yeah, i'll find that video. i definitely have it somewhere. maybe i'll put it up on mediafire; i think it's an enormous file.

c) hank jr and hank iii

d) i'd like to request "can i sleep in your arms". if that's too sleepy for the show, i'll change my request to "gotta get drunk"

e) i'm going to send you an album tonight. i think you're going to like it.

'Fast ' Charles said...

sweet! how are you going to send it to me? I will find those two songs...maybe I can play them both. Awesome awesome!

alfa foxtrot said...

fast charles! first time listener, long time fan. i really enjoyed this- especially the louisiana section. that loretta lynn song is the jam! keep up the good work.