Friday, January 10, 2014

Fast Charles' Power Hour episode 29

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WOW!  Its been a long time everybody.

1. Possessed by Paul James – Hurricane

2. Jason Isbell – Super 8

3. Jayke Orvis – Bound to Ride

4. Eric Strickland and the B Sides – The Whiskey Always Seems to Change my Mind

5. Hellbound Glory – Ramblin’ Rebel (live)

6. Jackson Taylor – Jack is Drunk Again

7. Shooter Jennings w/Scott H. Biram – White Trash Song

8. Sturgill Simpson – You Can Have the Crown

9. Dale Watson – I Can’t Be Satisfied

10. Linmda Ortega – want you

11. Possessed by paul james – songs we used to sing

12. Jb Beverly – cigarettes and alcohol

13. Robbie fulks – long I ride

14. Jb Beverly – I ain’t no nice guy

15. Possessed by paul james – 38 year old cocktail waitress

Smoking, leaning out of the kitchen window, thinking about all the friends who are centrifuged out around the world from here and the ailing degenerating wounds waiting to be made manifest with glimmering ostium and how man is religious essentially, because he has a sense of the infinite as he can identify the horizon and know that there is something beyond it and that he longs to share the welling up of infinity with his brother and sister I wish you would all collapse back here to the point I am with the violin welling out of my speakers.
I put on my pants one leg at a time like everyone else, but I do it three or four times a day.

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